Friday 10 December 1.45pm to 5.30pm

Quest NewQuay, 22 Caravel Lane, Docklands


Tools and Resources for teaching Psychology
Jacinta Huntsman, Ruyton Girls’ School and Maddi Hammet, Upper Yarra Secondary College

You will explore a range of different tools and resources to use within the Psychology classroom. You will have the opportunity to view and interact with some of the tools in the session. (Unit 1-4).

Practical applications of conditioning, Sample Incursion
Laura from Dognitive therapy

You will explore the psychology of learning and behaviour with dogs. It demonstrates a real-life application of both operant and classical conditioning and covers neural pathway research. (Unit 4 AOS 2).

Supporting student-design investigations in VCE Psychology
Erin Wilson, VCAA STEM Curriculum Manager

Student-designed investigations are an important component of Units 1–4 Psychology. This session will explore different ways in which teachers can scaffold the development of key science skills as well as enabling students to be differentiated, especially at the ‘top end’. Strategies for managing the student-designed investigation in Unit 4, Area of Study 3 as well as Unit 1, Area of Study 3 and Unit 2, Area of Study 3 will be discussed.

ArtVo introduction at NewQuay and Guided Trail
Do we always see what is really there? Our minds are constantly working to make sense of the world around us. One way they do this is to see ‘whole pictures’ rather than focusing on individual parts. This is a powerful skill, but it means we sometimes see things that are not really there. Introduction and guided visit of ArtVo as an excursion venue for Visual Perception. (Unit 2 AOS 1)

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Student/retired – $35

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