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    Rob Sbaglia
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    How will you use physical space? How will you collaborate with others in the implementation of your STEM unit?

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  • Kathryn
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    Attached is a rough outline of teachers involved in this program of learning. Sessions would be conducted in a science laboratory, however, could be moved to an alternate location if this was more appropriate.

  • Angie
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    Term 3 – Year 7/8 STEM – Physical Spaces at SCG

  • Samantha
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    The Year 7 Science and Year 7 STEM teachers will meet collaboratively plan. During Science lessons, students will be covering forces, force diagrams, force calculations and data collection to support learning during this unit. Math teachers have recently covered averages (mean, median and mode) to support students. The remaining teaching of this unit will be completed be the STEM teacher, however outside of the classroom, the Wood Technologies teacher is willing to assist with materials. Students will work in the STEM room where they can access a range of tools and materials.

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