Action bioscience

Provides lessons for high school – undergraduate levels to accompany its peer-reviewed articles examining bioscience issues. Lessons are written by educators and correlated to NSES standards. Articles and lessons focus on issues in biodiversity, environment, genomics, biotechnology, evolution, new frontiers in the sciences, and education. 

Biology network

A network for all biology teachers in Victoria.

Cells Alive

This website allows you to explore the structure of both plant and animal cells. Students can use this website to fill in a data chart on the function of the main organelles. You can also show the stages of mitosis/meiosis as a demonstration from this website. 

Use of Animals in schools

This link takes you to the Current (2020) guidelines from DET on the use and treatment of animals in Victorian school classrooms.

Genetics Science Learning Centre

Create a DNA model; view mitosis/meiosis; learn all about genetics and its relevance to society. 

Inner body

This website allows you to label the various body systems. It may be used as a class demonstration or students may use the website to research the function of organs & body systems. 

Cells, roots of plants, oceans – Rivetting short talks with animations


DEECD site which includes information, learning resources, resources to support teacher professional development, policy & guidelines, digital resources and collaborative web-based tools


GTAC provides an innovative and collaborative educational environment in which Victorian students and educators access life science expertise through engagement with practicing scientists, contemporary knowledge and technology. Immerse yourself in a life sciences journey of learning and discovery.

ReMSTEP- units of work

ReMSTEP was one of five projects supported by the Department of Education and Training under the Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers Programme.

This Programme was established in response to recommendations from Professor Ian Chubb, AC, Australia’s Chief Scientist, in his 2012 report Mathematics, Engineering and Science: in the national interest.

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