Congratulations to bursary winners and all students of the 2022 Science Talent Search

2022 School Awards

Special Guest Presenters for 2022

Dr John Farmer OAM – L&F Eyecare

John has always been passionate about improving eye health and giving back to our society and especially to those less fortunate. As well as working in private practice, he has enjoyed teaching as a clinical instructor at The University of Melbourne, and helping to develop new optometric instrumentation to improve eye health in the community.

John says that his most privileged and rewarding experience has been the numerous visits to Papua New Guinea over a 35 years period to provide and teach others to deliver eye care. He still regularly visits PNG to educate and train others as well and work on national committees to improve eye care.

Dr Lanka Wickramaarachchi – L&F Eyecare

For Dr Lanka Wickramaarachchi, optometry is a joy because it combines her interest in health sciences and passion for helping people. She loves getting to know patients and the interesting eye conditions that come in with them. For her, it is a privilege to help provide patient-centred care and find solutions to best suit their needs. In Lanka’s spare time, she enjoys time with family and friends, watching movies, being a foodie and travelling overseas.

Ms Sheida Shadpour, Energy Analyst – Global Power Energy

Sheida completed a Master of Energy Systems at The University of Melbourne. Prior to this, she undertook a bachelor’s degree and Master of Science in Materials Engineering in Iran. She joined Global Power Energy early in 2022 as an energy analyst who builds and maintains analytical models, coding statistical models and creating visualizations for renewable energy sources.

She has over 6 years of experience in the Material Engineering industry in Iran and worked as a quality control manager in an automobile parts manufacturing company. As part of her degree at The University of Melbourne, she undertook a project at ENGIE Australia & New Zealand and the results of her effort served as the starting basis for the ENGIE’s operational decision-making plans in its gas storage contracts.

She also joined Melbourne Energy Institute’s Zero Emission Energy Laboratory internship program and as an intern she has been paired with Ekistica to work on a solar farm analysis project. The results of her analyses were delivered in the format of industry-targeted reports to the ARENA.

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