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VCE Trial Exams

STAV Publishing produces VCE Trial Exams for Units 1 – 4 Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology. Trial exams are available for the current year by hard copy or electronic delivery.

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Past exams back to 2000 are also available in either hard copy or electronically, ready for posting on your intranet.

Past Years VCE Trial Exams Electronic Delivery

Available now electronically.
Years 2015 – 2022
Biology Units 1 – 4
Chemistry Units 1 – 4
Physics Units 1 – 4
Psychology Units 1 – 4
Questions and solutions are in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.
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Past Years VCE Trial Exams Hardcopy Delivery

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Forceful Experiences

Colouring Newton’s Laws of Motion, A NEW resource book by Christina Hart
This resource, for teachers and students of general science at the junior high school level, introduces Newton’s Laws of motion at a qualitative level. ‘Forceful Experiences’ takes students’ experiences of motion as a starting point, and guides them to construct a more powerful framework for understanding their everyday world. The approach also provides a secure foundation for those students who will go on to study physics at a more advanced, mathematical level. Features include: Short summaries of the main conceptual points are provided at the end of each chapter. There are frequent opportunities for students to ‘Pause for thought’ and engage with the ideas they have encountered. These can be set as homework activities and used for small group discussions. At strategic points students are challenged to demonstrate what they have learned. Teachers can use these tasks as a basis for formative and/or summative assessment. An accompanying web page provides supporting materials for teachers and students.
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Electronics kit: The Brainbox

Learn about motors, switches, light, sound modules and sensors. Suitable for lower secondary.
The fun way to learn the basic concepts of electricity and electronics.

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