The fun and easy way to learn about electronics: circuits, motors, switches, light, sound modules and sensors. All components have snap fasteners, making assembly very easy and quick. Components are colour- and number-coded so that young children can follow construction diagrams. Circuits can be activated by magnet, water, light, touch or sound and produce different reactions such as flashing bulbs, motorised fans, flying discs and various sound effects. Examples include a sound activated doorbell and magnetically activated sirens. There is also an easy to follow instruction booklet with each kit.

There are two models of Brainbox kits available:

The Brainbox 188 model has 188 ideas and combinations for constructing circuits.
Brainbox 188 model (Members/subscribers $38; Non-members $40.50

The Brainbox 518 model has 518 ideas and combinations for constructing circuits.
Brainbox 518 model (Members/subscribers $38; Non-members $40.50

A 10% discount is available for purchases of 5 or more kits.

Support activities

Some student activities are available to support the use of the BrainBox electronics kits. The activities encourage using additional easily acquired materials to extend the scope of the kits and supplement the BrainBox Instruction Booklet ideas.

Overview – looks at features and scope of the BrainBox and its educational value.

Activity ideas – suitable for primary and junior secondary.

Some spare parts are available email for information