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STAV provides leadership, support, services, programs and resources for all levels of science education.

STAV represents the collective voice of all teachers of science in all matters relating to the teaching of science in Victoria, and through ASTA (the Australian Science Teachers Association) it represents these teachers at a national level.

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NSWk school grants 2024

National Science Week School Grants

Do you have a brilliant idea brewing for National Science Week at your school, but in need of funding support to bring it to life? Look no further! ASTA is


STAV VCE Conference Series 2024 Highlights

STAV VCE Conference Series 2024 12-16 February 2024 was a huge success! We are satisfied to see educators and researchers from across the field gathered in a comprehensive series of

VCE Conf 2024

Become a volunteer at VCE Conference Series 2024

Volunteers wanted! Teacher candidate and pre-service teachers in the Science field – want to come to the VCE 2024 Conference for free? STAV are looking for volunteers to assist with

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STAV is a community for science education and supports science educators’ professional development.

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LabTalk is a STAV journal for secondary school science teachers.

Let’s Find Out is a STAV journal for teachers in primary schools.

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Science Talent Search

The Science Talent Search (STS) is organised and managed by a volunteer committee with administrative support from the Science Teachers’ Association of Victoria.

Entry to the competition is primarily schools-based through a central school STS coordinator.

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