About STAV

The Science Teachers Association of Victoria (STAV) advances science education by offering professional learning opportunities for Science educators to engage students and the wider community in the real-life applications of Science.

STAV represents the collective voice of all teachers of science in all matters relating to the teaching of science in Victoria, and through ASTA (the Australian Science Teachers Association) it represents these teachers at a national level.

The primary function of STAV is to provide useful and accessible services to members. STAV’s focus includes women in STEM, sustainability education, and respect for First Nation knowledge and science practices. 

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STAV Goals

The Association on behalf of its members will:

  • Establish and maintain both financial and intellectual independence.
  • Represent the collective voice of science educators in Victoria.
  • Influence policy formation in matters relating to Science Education.
  • Provide professional development for science educators.
  • Support and maintain rural and special interest groups within STAV.
  • Provide a range of resources and services to support science educators.
  • Provide for and encourage student participation in a range of challenging science activities.
  • Promote the importance of Science Education to the community.
  • Recognise significant contributions by STAV members to Science Education.
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Our Values

  • Knowledge
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Responsiveness
  • Innovation
  • Conviction
  • Culture of Enquiry

Our History

Since 1943, STAV has been hearing and amplifying the voices of members to advise and influence the science education sector.

This important work is intended to inspire the public to make informed decisions affecting state and national policy about Science related issues.

As professionals, STAV members work in partnership with governments, schools, industry and community leaders to enact opportunities for future-focused science education. STAV continuously provides leadership, support, services, programs and resources for all levels of science education. 

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Our Team

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