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STAV Publishing produces VCE Trial Exams for Units 1 – 4 Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology. Trial exams are available for the current year by hard copy or electronic delivery.



2024 Semester 1 Electronic Trial Exams

Discounts available for STAV members:

  1. Year 11 Bundle – Unit 1 Biology, Psychology, Chemistry and Physics – 10% discount
  2. Year 12 Bundle – Unit 3 Biology, Psychology, Chemistry and Physics- 10% discount
  3. Year 11 and Year 12 Bundle – Biology, Psychology, Chemistry and Physics Units 1 and 3 – 15% discount

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Past Years VCE Trial Exams Electronic Delivery

Experience the convenience of accessing electronic copies of past exams. Members can now seamlessly purchase trial exams and have them instantly integrated into your member profile. These valuable resources are easily accessible through the My Dashboard under ‘Downloads‘ once the purchase is complete.

For exams earlier than 2023 please contact [email protected]


For any queries please contact the STAV office at [email protected].