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Y12 Chem Effect of temp change on equilibrium position.

Y12 Chem Effect of conc on equilibrium position

Y12 Chem Reaction rate and temperature – thiosulfate.

Y12 Chem Reaction rate temp and conc – marble chips

Y9/10 science DNA extraction – strawberry.

Y11/12 Biol DNA extraction from onion.

Y12 Biol hand hygiene.

Y12 Chem NO2 gas and pressure and temp changes.

Y11 Chem Covalent lattice properties.

Y12 Chem Electrolysis of aqueous solutions.

Y12 Chem Titration technique (made 2002)

Y12 Chem Titration with Methyl Orange made 2002)

Y12 Chem Titration with Phenolphthalein (made 2002)

Y10 Reaction rate change in conc of HCl with marble chips.

Y10 reaction rate change in surface area of marble chip with HCl.

Y10 reaction rate change in temp HCl and marble chips

Year 10 Reactivity of metal with HCl.

Reactivity of Zinc with HCl.

Chemistry Sodium acetate stalagmite.

Chromatography of plant extract. 

Starch in leaves.

Algae balls photosynthesis.

Precipitation reactions.