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Professional Journals: LabTalk and Let’s Find Out

The Science Teachers Association of Victoria Inc. produces two professional journals (LabTalk and Let’s Find Out) for members and subscribers. The journals are produced quarterly. They aim to promote and enhance the teaching of science in all Victorian schools and to contribute to professional learning.

LabTalk is the professional journal for secondary science teachers.

Let’s Find Out is the professional journal for primary teachers.

The journals contain feature articles, accounts of significant science events held in schools and in the wider community, activities and demonstrations for use in the classroom, along with an assortment of other articles and information about teaching techniques, hints, safety, ICT and anything else that helps to share information and ideas amongst colleagues.

Who contributes?

Any person with an interest in science education – primary, secondary, tertiary and pre-service – can contribute. You don’t need to be a member of STAV, although you are most welcome to become one. Contributors share classroom ideas and experiences, research outcomes, stories about their involvement in science and science education, career information and any other issues that contribute to improving the quality of science teaching and learning and to teacher and student interest in science-related issues.

Why contribute?

Writing for LabTalk and Let’s Find Out serves a number of purposes. It provides avenues to share with, and contribute to, your professional association. It provides an avenue for professional learning for you as a contributor and for your colleagues as a receiver of the information. Contributing to professional journals may enable you to reference several VIT teacher standards.

How do you contribute?

Refer to our guidelines and submission form for specific information about how to present and submit your article. Check the publication dates for submission deadlines for each edition.

See Contributor Guidelines and Form

Publications Timeline 2023

Let’s Find Out

EditionDeadlineRelease Date
Lets Find Out Vol 40 No. 117th March 31st March
Lets Find Out Vol 40 No 29th May19th May
Lets Find Out Vol 40 No 319th July4th August
Lets Find Out Vol 40 No 44th October25th October

Lab Talk

EditionDeadlineRelease Date
Lab Talk Vol 67 No 117th February17th March
Labtalk Vol 67 No 228th April12th May
Labtalk Vol 67 No 312th July28th July
Labtalk Vol 67 No 413th October25th October