Membership Categories

Individual Membership

Select this membership if you like to register as an individual entity.

Schools and Organisation Membership.

Select this membership if you like to register as a school or an organisation representative.

Student teachers, Pre-Service Teachers and Retired Teachers

Concession rates apply by discount code. Contact the STAV office for more information.

Why join STAV?

Being a member of STAV provides opportunities to network with other members, receive and exchange the latest news in science education, contribute to discussions about science and science education, and actively support your professional association. Members are the life support of STAV – your membership helps ensure that the association is able to continue to offer:

  • Professional learning opportunities such as conferences.
  • Science Talent Search and other student activities.
  • High-quality and cost-effective science publications (including VCE trial exams) and other science resources.
  • Support and advice for teachers.

STAV continues to be active while science teachers continue their support as members. Join now and be a part of this professional science community.

STAV members also receive journals, exclusive newsletters, discounts and other benefits. STAV Individual Membership fees are also tax deductible.


  • If you select Individual Membership, you can make a direct transaction to STAV and activate your membership.
  • If you select School and Organisation Membership, and you need to create a school purchase order, please select “Pay by Check”. You will receive an invoice with STAV’s Account information that can be used to create a purchase order.
    Please let the STAV team know once you completed the transaction in order to activate your membership.
  • If you are a student teacher or a retired teacher and looking for concession, you can select any Individual Membership according to your preference.
    A 50% discount is available for students, pre-service teachers and retired teachers on Individual memberships. Fill in your email to receive a discount code before you fill in your information.
    An email will be sent to your inbox with a discount code you can apply to your checkout.