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Guidelines for Contributors - 'LabTalk' and 'Let’s Find Out'

LabTalk and Let’s Find Out are the publications of the Science Teachers Association of Victoria Inc. (STAV).

LabTalk is produced for secondary school science teachers, and Let’s Find Out is produced for teachers in primary schools.

Publications are sent to members and to subscribing institutions, including secondary and primary schools, tertiary education faculties and university and public libraries.

Important Notes

Articles published in Let’s Find Out (LFO) and LabTalk can include anything which might be of interest to early childhood, primary, secondary science educators. Within that general principle, articles should not conflict with the goals of the Association and the editors have discretion as to what is published.

Typical examples of articles published:

  • Material directly applicable to classroom teaching eg. worksheets, classroom management strategies, information on how to use software
  • Material useful in preparing school curriculum eg. discussion of curriculum frameworks such as Australian Curriculum, or ideas for excursion sites
  • Material relevant to running a science department eg. managing safety issues or laboratory design
  • Material relevant to broad understanding of science education eg. summaries of research in learning in science or recent significant science education research
  • Material developing knowledge of science & technology eg. new scientific findings, innovative technology or the history of a scientific discovery
  • Material reflecting on the interaction of science, society and education eg. the political use and abuse of science, science in different social settings and the place of science in our culture

This list is not intended to be exhaustive. Keep in mind the basic principle: anything which might be of interest to our readers. Articles with an obvious commercial slant will not be considered for publication.

From Edition 4 2021 two types of articles will be published in the journals. General articles and Peer reiewed articles. STAV aims to have at least one peer reviewed article in each edition of each journal. The author of the article can nomincate which article type they are submitting. Articles vary in length. Ideally, STAV publishes pieces ranging from 1 to 4 pages (ie 600-2400 words). Shorter articles may also be considered (100 – 500 words). Peer reviewed articles can be longer, up to 4,000 words. Your article will be reviewed by at least two members of our editorial committee, with any necessary changes communicated back to you.

We include with each article:

  • Author’s name
  • Workplace affiliation
  • Brief biographical note (100 words or less)
  • Thumbnail photo (preferred but optional)

Email your completed article(s) to:

  • LabTalk (secondary) LabTalk Managing Editor Email: [email protected]

    Your article will be reviewed by the managing editor and you will receive written notification if STAV wishes to publish your article. If the article is not suitable, we will endeavour to assist you in making the appropriate changes for publication.

  • Let’s Find Out (primary) Let’s Find Out Managing Editor Email: [email protected]

    Email articles for either Journal to: Managing Editor Email: [email protected] Ph: (03) 9385 3999

    Once your article is published, you will receive a printed copy of LabTalk or Let’s Find Out.
  • Microsoft Word for text documents.
  • Position images in files.

  • Also supply images as separate files. 
  • Standard graphics formats are preferred. (ie. tiff/eps/jpeg)
  • High resolution (300dpi) at actual size (100%) or larger

If you have any enquiries regarding these specifications please contact the Publications Officer on (03) 9385 3903.

Images should belong to the author and be original. Permissions need to be secured by the author for images they don’t have rights to.

It is STAV policy to facilitate the distribution of material which assists the development of science education. Requests for non-commercial reproduction of articles will be considered favourably. Please contact the Publications Officer to arrange permission.

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